Radical Reads: Computing & Climate Change

Leah Morris, Associate     .    This week wintry weather battered the southern US and parts of Europe. Researchers suggest this could be a counterintuitive effect of the climate crisis where the warming of the Arctic causes the jet stream to shift. “The energy escaping from the jet stream bangs into the polar vortex so […]

Radical Reads: The Future is Federated

Daniel Mulet, Investor     .    Federated Learning (FL) is a powerful machine learning technique that has been quietly gaining adoption in settings where preserving privacy is a top priority. The core concept behind FL is that an AI model can be trained using data from multiple owners without sacrificing privacy. For example, a FL-powered application […]

Radical Reads: The Great Democratization of Finance

Adithya Sreekumar, Investor     .    The democratization of finance is more than a meme. The 2008 financial crisis destabilized the banking and financial services industry, creating a new wave of fintech vendors incentivized to democratize finance. Empowered consumers now have lower barriers to access a broader range of financial products and services. There have been […]

Fei-Fei Li: Making Sense of Healthcare with Machine Intelligence

  A feature conversation with AI pioneer Fei-Fei Li. As WIRED magazine put it:  “She’s one of a tiny group of scientists—a group perhaps small enough to fit around a kitchen table—who are responsible for AI’s recent remarkable advances.” The Stanford Computer Science Professor and Co-Director of the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI, joins Radical Ventures Managing […]

Radical Reads: Fei-Fei Li on Radical Talks: Machine Intelligence and Healthcare

Jordan Jacobs, Managing Partner     .    While the history of artificial intelligence and its profound impact on society is still being written, a watershed moment from the 2012 ImageNet competition has staked a firm claim on the opening chapters of modern AI’s rise to prominence. ImageNet was the brainchild of Stanford Computer Science Professor […]