Radical AI Founders Masterclass returns with Geoffrey Hinton & Fei-Fei Li

By Jordan Jacobs, Radical Ventures

Over the next several years, AI founders will disproportionately impact society, building technologies that will shape the future of how we live, work and play. Every founder faces challenges when applying their research to real-world problems. This is why, in collaboration with the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii), we created the Radical AI Founders Masterclass.

Designed by AI founders for researchers who want to found AI companies, the four-week program explores the fundamentals of building an AI business. Over four modules, top-tier researchers-turned-superstar entrepreneurs will participate in live Q&As to share their experience building AI-first startups and scaleups. 

This year, we are excited to kick off Radical AI Founders by hosting an in-person conversation between two of the most influential figures in artificial intelligence: Geoffrey Hinton and Fei-Fei Li. They will join me on stage at the MaRS Discovery District auditorium in Toronto for a conversation on the ethical considerations of AI development, the societal implications of AI advancement, and AI’s potential to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. They will also discuss their collaboration on one of the most important milestones in the history of AI that jump-started our modern “AI Era”. This exclusive conversation will be livestreamed.

Other speakers featured as part of this year’s Radical AI Founders program include Daphne Koller, Founder of Insitro and Co-Founder of Coursera; Ion Stoica, Co-Founder of Anyscale, Co-Founder of Databricks and Co-Director of Berkeley’s AMPLab; Nick Frosst, Co-Founder of Cohere; George Sivulka, Founder of Hebbia; Shivon Zilis, Director of Neuralink, and more. In collaboration with Cohere, this year’s program will wrap up with a global hackathon. 

SESSION 1: Building responsibly

Oct 4 Geoffrey Hinton and Fei-Fei Li

Oct 5 – Practical Lab: Sara Hooker (Cohere For AI)

SESSION 2: How do I build an AI product?

Oct 11 – George Sivulka (Hebbia) and Nick Frosst (Cohere)

Oct 12 – Practical Lab: Oliver Cameron (Cruise)

SESSION 3: What problem am I solving?

Oct 17 – Daphne Koller (Coursera) and Shivon Zillis (Neuralink)

Oct 18 – Practical Lab: Talent and Brand (Radical Ventures Velocity Team)

Oct 19 – Practical Lab bonus: Go-to-Market and Governance

with Parasvil Patel, Josh Teichman, and Katelyn Elder (Radical Ventures Velocity Team)

SESSION 4: How do I build an AI business?

Oct 25 – Ion Stoica (Databricks)

Oct 26 – Practical Lab: Pitch Practice 

Oct 30 – Radical x Cohere Generative AI Hackathon kick-off 

Participants gain access to these feature conversations and a set of practical seminars and resources designed to support entrepreneurs looking to commercialize their research. AI Founders is hosted on Slack and Zoom with hybrid in-person and video sessions. 


If you are an AI researcher interested in entrepreneurship, I encourage you to sign-up.



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