Radical Reads: An AI-Assisted Love Story & the Future of Machine Creativity

I’ve been working on AI fiction since 2017 when I wrote my first “algo-story” for Wired. What I’ve come to realize, especially since getting access to Transformer-based text generation, is that what we’re dealing with here is really a new medium. I think creative AI is roughly where film was when the Lumiere brothers showed clips of trains arriving in stations and crowds jumped out of the way. The field is wide open. I think there’s going to be a lot of beauty to come out of this. 

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Radical Thinking: AI’s Next Wave

At Radical we have seen hundreds of startups looking to shape the future of AI technologies. From this experience, I developed a framework for categorizing different waves of AI adoption. Understanding the changes that have come before situates the current moment and helps companies plan for the future.

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