Radical Reads: Pride in our Technology

AI is a powerful technology capable of making enormous contributions to our economy and society. However, it is essential that the diverse users of AI are equally reflected by those charged with building this important technology.

Radical Reads: Solving self-driving

This week AI pioneer Raquel Urtasun announced the launch of Waabi and her goal of building the next generation of autonomous driving technology.

Radical Reads: Humanity’s Greatest Invention

Jordan Jacobs, Co-founder and Managing Partner     .    Photo credit: Cohere.AI Language is humanity’s greatest innovation. It is the primary method of communication between humans and the primary means of preserving information, whether through oral tradition or in written form. Language is the basis for education, collaboration and innovation. Much of what distinguishes the […]

Talking Human: The Rise of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

It is difficult to overstate the importance of advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP). In 2012 an artificial intelligence (AI) research breakthrough in computer vision known as AlexNet (see sidebar) precipitated a new era of AI innovation. It was a watershed moment for AI, but business applications remained limited to vision-related use cases. Advances in […]