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Radical Vision

Like Benjamin Franklin knotting a key to a kite in a lightning storm, today’s AI researchers are unlocking technology that is reshaping our world.

From quantum neural networks and transformers for NLP, to AI for drug discovery, the path to future innovations and commercialization is charted by a small subset of the global technology talent pool, the elite AI researchers. Coalescing around the pioneers of AI, including Toronto’s “godfather of deep learning” Geoffrey Hinton, this AI talent pool has laid the foundations for innovation and rapid commercialization.

Radical is both a product of the Canada AI ecosystem and one of its architects. Radical founders Jordan Jacobs and Tomi Poutanen helped co-author the world’s first national AI strategy and conceived of and co-founded the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence, alongside Geoffrey Hinton, Ed Clark and others in 2017. Vector began with 8 faculty and is now home to over 2000 of the world’s top AI researchers. Before Radical, Jordan and Tomi founded Milq in 2011 and then spun-out Layer 6 AI in 2016, an AI prediction platform company later acquired by TD Bank, where they became co-Chief AI Officers. As founders, ecosystem builders and investors, the Radical team has played an active role in nurturing the next generation of AI innovation and commercialization.

Just as Thomas Edison would build upon Franklin’s discoveries, now is the moment to capitalize on the opportunity afforded by innovations in AI. Every facet of our economy and lives stand to benefit from breakthroughs in AI. Like today’s electrical grid, AI will soon power nearly every human interaction with technology.

Lightning to light bulb. That is the transformative moment we are investing in.

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