Radical Reads: How Canadian AI stays competitive on the world stage

Aaron Brindle, Partner and Leah Morris, Associate     .    Photo credit: Serj Marco, Ukraine Predicting what comes next in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence is simple: Follow the talent… Like Benjamin Franklin knotting a key to a kite in a lightning storm, Canada’s artificial-intelligence researchers are unlocking technology that is reshaping our […]

2021 Primer: Canada’s AI Research Ecosystem

Authors Aaron Brindle, Partner, Radical Ventures Leah Morris, Associate, Radical Ventures Daniel Mulet, Investor, Radical Ventures Overview: Canada’s AI Flywheel Predicting what comes next in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI) is simple: follow the talent. From quantum neural networks and AutoML, to AI for drug discovery and natural language processing (NLP), the […]

Radical Scale: Building a better Go-To-Market function

By Parasvil Patel Radical Scale is a regular feature that explores key strategies for growing early stage technology companies. Over the past several months the Radical Impact Team has hosted expert roundtables with our portfolio companies. We’re now sharing the key strategic and tactical insights from those sessions. Previous features include:   Managing the Sales Pipeline […]

Radical Reads: Bringing AI to Construction

Adithya Sreekumar, Investor     .    Photo credit: Ümit Yıldırım on Unsplash “Now is the time for Canada’s housing industry to embrace the opportunities afforded by deeper digital integration. …Bringing robotics, AI, and advanced manufacturing to housing construction will usher in a new era of sustainable construction. It will create new categories of jobs, accelerate […]

Radical News: Promise Robotics brings AI and automation to construction

Promise Robotics brings AI and automation to construction, helping industry deliver affordable and sustainable housing Toronto, Canada – March 17, 2021 Promise Robotics, a platform for the robotic manufacturing of houses and building components, today announced that the Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP Investments), one of Canada’s largest pension investment managers, and Radical Ventures, North […]

Radical Reads: Unpacking the 2021 AI Index Report

Daniel Mulet, Investor     .    Photo credit: Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI’s 2021 AI Index Report The Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI (HAI) released their 2021 AI Index Report, now in its fourth edition, a very significant effort to collect and distill complex information about trends in AI. At 220 pages, the report is […]

Radical Reads: Exclusive Q&A with Geoffrey Hinton – A big idea for solving vision

Aaron Brindle, Partner     .    AI pioneer, Vector Institute Chief Scientific Advisor and Turing Award winner Geoffrey Hinton published a paper last week on how recent advances in deep learning might be combined to build an AI system that better reflects how human vision works. Hinton’s system is called “GLOM” and in this exclusive […]

Radical Reads: Trust and AI in Healthcare

Sanjana Basu, Investor     .    In the midst of COVID-19, healthcare AI funding reached a record high of ~$6.6B in 2020. Investments fell into two primary categories: AI solutions that treat and diagnose diseases, and those that drive efficiencies in healthcare organizations. While we recognize the potential AI has to transform healthcare, patient trust remains a critical […]