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AI Eats Software

Software – the infrastructure of 1s and 0s that has powered the digital age and created trillions of dollars in value and productivity – is at the beginning of a major upgrade cycle. Over the next decade, virtually every bit of software will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The implications for our world and the global economy are profound.

Traditional software is hard-coded and static. Once shipped and deployed, it never improves until the next version is shipped and replaces it. Soon, all software will be powered by AI that learns and improves, often in real-time. Built around learning algorithms that adapt to new situations, AI software is more efficient and effective. This is particularly true for generative AI, which can create new data or software code on its own, without the need for human input.

This coming software replacement cycle will have an extraordinary impact on our economy. Incumbent software companies will be forced to produce upgraded AI software or face new AI-driven competitors offering far superior solutions. Every industry will need to adopt new AI software to stay ahead of both their existing competitors and new entrants who are AI-native.

Radical’s founders have been building AI companies and ecosystems and investing in the world’s leading AI founders since before the beginning of the Deep Learning revolution a decade ago which transformed the early AI-adopting big tech companies into the most valuable businesses in the world.

That was just the warm-up act. What comes next will change everything. We at Radical Ventures couldn’t be more excited to be right in the middle of it all.

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Radical Ventures invests in people shaping the future of how we live, work and play, partnering with founders who understand the transformational power of AI.

Radical has offices in Toronto, Palo Alto and partners in London and New York.