AI-first companies are
built differently

The Velocity Program addresses the specific challenges faced by founders leading and scaling fast-moving and innovative AI-first businesses.

The Radical Velocity program is led by a diverse team of seasoned entrepreneurs, AI luminaries, investors, talent specialists, communication experts, and cutting-edge technologists.

This team is deeply familiar with the distinct challenges encountered by founders at the helm of rapidly evolving and innovative AI enterprises. Access to this program is an exclusive benefit offered to companies within the Radical Ventures portfolio.

Portfolio-Exclusive Resources


Curated access to experts, operators, and ecosystem luminaries


Dedicated support and critical milestone tracking


Playbooks and best practices for business building


Priority access to strategic partnerships


Exclusive peer-to-peer community networks

Radical Velocity delivers support in five core areas:

  • Scaling AI-first teams

    What We Do

    An AI startup demands more than just remarkable founders. Exceptional talent forms the bedrock of any successful enterprise.

    Radical Talent support helps founders to build effective talent strategies, establish streamlined processes, and execute people-centric programs from inception. Our team offers hands-on technical recruitment assistance for the highest-impact hires across the business from founding engineers to executive hires.

  • Enabling innovation

    What We Do

    From navigating high-performance compute demand to executing product design, Radical’s Compute and Technology team helps early-stage AI companies build their core tech backbone.

    For many AI startups, access to compute will be one of the biggest barriers to building and a critical competitive advantage. Through deep relationships with all of the major cloud providers, our team curates bespoke programs for founders encompassing compute access, product advancement, and engineering assistance. We work alongside your team across the build cycle as advocates in cloud provider relationships and strategy advisors.

  • Amplifying your story

    What We Do

    Your company’s story can be your greatest asset. Developing a clear and compelling brand narrative is critical for AI companies looking to differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

    Articulating the problem your AI startup aims to solve and communicating why your product — and your team — is uniquely positioned to address this challenge is critical to your success.

    In cultivating relationships with media outlets and other external stakeholders, every AI startup needs clear and concise messaging that avoids technical jargon and establishes founders as thought leaders and innovators who are credible and trustworthy sources of information. Radical Brand and Public Affairs Velocity support helps early-stage AI companies achieve business objectives by building communications strategies that deliver their story to key audiences.

  • Unlocking customers

    What We Do

    AI is rapidly becoming a crucial advantage for enterprises. Accessing a network of decision-makers relevant to each stage of your product journey is critical to scaling AI businesses.

    Radical’s Go-To-Market support connects founders at an early-stage with design partners and provides enterprise customer introductions from our network as their product matures. We support founders to build in-house capacity for sales and advise on best practices for go-to-market strategies including building sales organizations and crafting approaches to market growth.

  • Growing with integrity and efficiency

    What We Do

    Rapid growth requires a foundation of robust infrastructure and governance practices. Radical’s Finance and Governance support advises on corporate governance, responsible AI, and implementing responsible operations.

    From back-office setup, to management and internal capacity building we guide founders through a shifting regulatory landscape and provide connections to vetted vendors and advisors.

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    World-leading Natural Language Processing platform for every business

    Early Access

    Radical as the sole investor in Cohere upon incorporation.

    World-leading Talent

    Ex-Google Brain co-founders include co-author of the breakthrough paper “Attention is All You Need,” inventing the Transformer architecture at the core of generative AI and Cohere’s platform.

    Global AI Network

    Radical coordinated a round of AI luminary investment from Turing Award winner Geoffrey Hinton, Fei-Fei Li, Pieter Abbeel, Raquel Urtasun, Jeff Dean, and several other AI pioneers including AI leaders at Apple and Nvidia.

    Velocity and Scale

    • Scouted employee number one and built out the foundational technical team.
    Compute and Product
    • Negotiated the company’s first major cloud provider deal
    Brand and Public Affairs
    • Helped the team land top-tier press coverage, including New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Financial Times
    • Helped shape in-house communications capacity and secured agency support
    • Developed targeted policy and government relations strategies
    • Expanded internal capacity with crucial GTM hires at executive level
    • Advised on strategy (pricing, channels, partnerships, etc.)
    Finance and Governance
    • Set up back-office and advised on early governance practices