Founder Story — Hebbia AI

George Sivulka

The smartest people in the world do the stupidest tasks. Hebbia is changing that, by building a copilot for knowledge workers. It reads, retrieves, and understands information in context. How does AI solve that problem? Most knowledge workers today are limited by the speed the human brain can understand and process language.

Unstructured data defines the way we work

We’re often looking for emails, sorting through documents, or repurposing information on a case by case basis. Computers for the first time can tackle this work… at speed and at scale. In the future, there will be entire industries built around getting data into LLM systems, and entire industries built around extracting data out. Hebbia is building a ready – out of the box – solution that does both of these, and lets you wrangle documents with LLMs in a product.

Radical Q&A

What was your first job?

NASA Research Scientist and door-to-door jewelry salesman

What do you find most exciting about AI right now?

Performance beyond anyone’s expectations is always exciting. It’ll be even more exciting to watch AI continue to prove doubters wrong.

How do you see the world in 50 years?

Structured databases created 100 trillion dollars in value over the last 50 years. Unstructured databases and LLMs will create the same opportunity. In the same way database software applications defined the last few decades, I’m excited to watch AI applications define the future.

What’s the secret to building an AI product?

If the product could be amazingly functional and helpful without AI, you’re probably onto something. AI shouldn’t be the “product” itself, or even the main feature. It can, and should make development faster, and unleash new features, even types of products that were formally not possible.