Founder Story — Muon Space

Jonny Dyer

Muon is building the world’s most powerful constellation of satellite sensors to collect critical climate data for decision makers. Today’s climate, weather and ecosystem predictive models are complex and constrained by limited observational data.

In the future, data-driven AI models will transform how we monitor, predict and take action to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

AI enables a virtuous cycle of better datasets feeding better predictive capability and we are building the sensors that will collect these datasets.

At Muon we’re applying modern deep learning approaches to better leverage geophysical data and replace traditional, hand tuned retrieval and prediction algorithms. Our goal is to build an Earth prediction machine that is collecting huge amounts of data from a thin shell of sensors in space and leveraging them in large, continuously evolving machine learning models that produce indispensable decision-support for organizations and individuals across the globe.

Radical Q&A

What was your first job?

Rocket engineer.

What’s the secret to building an AI product?

Good data.

What do you find most exciting about AI right now?

The way in which maturing infrastructure and unsupervised architectures are making the barrier to entry lower across a huge number of applications.

If a friend or relative asked you to explain AI to them, what would you say?

AI used to be math. Now it is biology. Soon it will look a lot like anthropology.