Radical Founders FAQs

Radical AI Founders Masterclass

  • Masterclasses are educational experiences in which experts offer their guidance, advice, and personal viewpoints. The Radical AI Founders Masterclass is an annual event running in the fall. Over four modules, we host live Q&As where our key speakers share their experiences building tech-first startups and scaleups. Participants gain access to these feature conversations and a set of practical seminars (“labs”) and resources designed to support researchers who want to apply their research as a business.

    Radical AI Founders is hosted on Slack and Zoom with hybrid in-person and video sessions. Each session includes a live Q&A component with the weekly Master and a practical lab with relevant professionals. All accepted members in the Radical AI Founders Slack community can participate. Participants can find other researchers and like-minded technical founders from around the world in our online community.

  • Our 2023 speakers included Geoffrey Hinton, the Turing Award winner known as the “godfather of deep learning;” Fei-Fei Li, AI pioneer, Co-Director of the Stanford HAI and Stanford University professor; Daphne Koller, Founder on Insitro, Co-Founder of Coursera and previous Stanford University professor; Ion Stoica, Co-Founder of Anyscale, Co-Founder of Databricks and Professor of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley and Co-Director of AMPLab; Oliver Cameron, Co-Founder of Voyage and leader in self-driving cars; Sara Hooker, Head of Cohere For AI, and more to be announced.

    Previous speakers have included Pieter Abbeel, Co-Founder of Covariant and Director of the Berkeley Robot Learning Lab; Richard Socher, Co-Founder of; Raquel Urtasun, Founder of Waabi; and, Aidan Gomez, Co-Founder of Cohere, amongst others. The 2024 lineup will be announced in the coming months.

  • The 2024 AI Founders Masterclass will kick-off on October 2, 2024 and end on November 6th, 2024. Key speaker sessions are held weekly but are recorded for viewers in conflicting time zones. The series is designed to build on each week. Participants will get the most out of the experience by attending all four key speaker sessions in sequence in addition to the parallel programming held once or twice in addition to the speaker sessions throughout the week.

  • The Radical AI Founders Masterclass is open to the Radical AI Founders Community. The applications for this community are open and are reviewed on a rolling basis. Enrollment for members will open for the Masterclass series on August 5, 2024.

  • All Masterclass and practical lab sessions have a virtual option. Some sessions will offer limited in-person attendance at specific locations pertaining to the session. Some of our partner institutions also run in-person content related to key sessions. This includes Stanford HAI, the Vector Institute for AI, and the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute. Please contact the institutes directly for their programming this year. If you are an institute and would like to partner with us, please reach out to and provide any relevant information.

  • Members of the Radical AI Founders Community can participate. Please see the Radical AI Founders Community FAQ for application details.

  • Masterclasses can always be attended virtually. Key Master sessions are held weekly at 4:00pm Eastern, but are recorded for viewers in conflicting time zones. For those who are unable to attend the session but still wish to ask a question, we offer the option to submit questions in advance of the Q&A segment. However, please note that live attendees’ questions will be prioritized.

  • Yes. We record all of our AI Founders Masterclass sessions. These sessions are not made available to the public in full. Recordings are available to members of the Radical AI Founders Community. Session recordings are intended to support participants with timezone conflicts for live participation. Live Q&A sessions prioritize participants in attendance at the time of recording.

  • If you are interested in partnering with us please for the Masterclass or as part of the Radical AI Founders community reach out to and provide any relevant information.

  • Please reach out to

Radical AI Founders Community

  • The AI Founders Community is made up of researchers and affiliates at global top-tier AI institutes looking to commercialize their research. Most members are doctoral students or candidates, or master’s students, but researchers at all levels may apply. The community is also open to select AI practitioners and professionals looking to start their own companies. Participants should be interested in founding an AI-first company and acting in a CEO or CTO role within the company. You do not need to have incorporated or be a company founder to be a member.

  • Membership is free.

  • Successful startup founders transform our future. In the next few years, technical founders working with AI will disproportionately impact society. Yet, researchers face many barriers when applying their research to real-world problems. The Radical AI Founders Community and the annual Masterclass provide a space to test ideas, innovate, and build on shared experiences.

  • If you are interested in partnering with us please for the Masterclass or as part of the Radical AI Founders community reach out to and provide any relevant information.

  • Please reach out to

  • Radical Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in world-leading companies developing and applying AI to shape the future. Radical was created by AI company founders with multiple exits (MSFT, Yahoo, and TD Bank) who also co-founded the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Toronto, now one of the largest AI research institutes in the world. Radical’s founders launched the firm because their deep AI technical, product, and business expertise could provide critical value creation to AI founders.