Radical Reads: 2020’s top AI stories

    .    Radical Talks 2020 The holidays offer a perfect time to catch up on thoughtful insights from some of the greatest minds in technology and AI. This year we launched our podcast Radical Talks exploring the intersection of technology, the economy, politics and culture. We had the opportunity to speak to global thought leaders on the future […]

Radical Reads: Tracking Investment in Canadian AI Startups

Daniel Mulet, Investor     .    I was working at the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) when we launched its first accelerator program focused exclusively on machine learning (ML) companies, an initiative strongly encouraged by Radical Ventures co-founder Tomi Poutanen, who was a founding mentor at CDL. The inaugural cohort in 2015 consisted of 25 machine learning companies, […]

Radical Reads: News from NeurIPS 2020

Daniel Mulet, Investor     .    Visualization of conference papers arranged by a measure of similarity. Source: NeurIPS The Neural Information Processing Conference (NeurIPS), generally regarded as the world’s leading conference for Artificial Intelligence researchers, went virtual this year and the pace of research activity did not miss a beat. The most notable NeurIPS trend emerging from the conference is […]

Radical Reads: AI’s Prescription for Drug Discovery – Graphs

Daniel Mulet, Investor     .    Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing how new drugs are discovered and this past week saw two important developments in this space. The first is the Series A funding announcement for Genesis Therapeutics. The Genesis team is at the forefront of applying AI to the field of drug discovery, using novel graph neural […]