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Radical Reads: Road Rules for LLMs

Performing well across tasks is difficult, as is benchmarking these models’ performance. Performance tends to vary depending on the task at hand. How can we determine if a model is “better” than another?

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Healthcare AI Enters the Mainstream

In Q1 2022, healthcare was the top-funded sector in AI, according to CB Insights’ global State of AI report and, against a backdrop of decreasing investment in healthcare, healthcare AI attracted $4.5B of funding in Q2 2022 and gained 3 new unicorns.

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Hebbia Radical Ventures

Radical Reads: Unlocking Unstructured Data

Any company that can unlock the trove of information that lives in unstructured data, and generate real insights on demand, stands to be a category-defining business. Hebbia was founded by George Sivulka, a Stanford Ph.D. dropout with a research track record across many fields…

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Radical Reads: Predicting credit markets with AI

Founded by Professor Kay Giesecke, the Director of the Advanced Financial Technology Laboratory and leader of the Mathematical and Computational Finance program at Stanford, Infima’s team is comprised of leaders at the intersection of deep learning technologies and capital markets…

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