Daniel Mulet

  • Investor

Daniel is an investor at Radical, where he has led the firm’s thesis work in climate, life sciences, materials, and generally covers deep technology sectors. He works closely with Aspect Biosystems, CentML, Chemix, Crossing Minds, Climate AI, Genesis Therapeutics, Reka.ai, Xanadu, and You.com. He invests in mission-driven founders building companies that leverage knowledge generated by machine intelligence systems in language, vision, physics, and biology.

Prior to Radical, he helped scale the Creative Destruction Lab, the world’s largest AI startup program, where he coached hundreds of founders through the earliest days of their entrepreneurial journey. While at CDL people thought he was crazy for building the world’s first quantum software incubator.

Born and raised in Guatemala, he holds a B.A. in Political Science & Economics from the University of Guelph, and an M.S. in Global Affairs from NYU.