Tomi Poutanen

  • Co-founder
  • Partner

Tomi is a founder of Radical Ventures EO and a co-founder of Radical portfolio company Signal 1, a health AI start-up on a mission to empower frontline care providers with accurate, timely and easy-to-use patient insights. Prior to Radical, Tomi Co-founded and Layer 6 AI prior to its acquisition in 2018 by TD Bank Group where he served as Chief AI Officer and SVP.

Tomi has spent his career building machine learning systems for large enterprises. He is the founder of four AI companies with exits to Microsoft, Yahoo!, and TD Bank. He is also a co-founder of the Vector Institute, a world leading academic research institute for deep learning, and a co-founder of Radical Ventures, a leading venture capital fund investing in companies working at the frontier of AI. Over his career, Tomi has personally helped bring AI into use in what have proven to be some of technology’s most important applications to date. He spent the first part of his career in Silicon Valley where he pioneered the use of machine learning in web search, first at Yahoo! Search and then at Bing.

Tomi was a co-author of Canada’s first National AI Policy in 2017, the first AI policy to be developed by a government anywhere in the world. He co-authored Canada’s first set of guidelines for the responsible use of AI in financial services. Tomi holds an MSc in Computer Engineering and an MBA from the University of Toronto.