Smart diagnostics for infrastructure

  • Infrastructure
  • Radical Investment 2019
  • Acquired 2022


Benjamin Schmidt

Assessing roads has been done the same way for thousands of years, with people riding around and subjectively determining what to fix and when. Billions of dollars in road maintenance costs are spent every year relying on an antiquated system – an enormous financial cost mostly borne by governments and taxpayers.

RoadBotics’ computer vision platform enables a smartphone, placed on a vehicle dashboard, to collect images of road surfaces, predict road damage and to prioritize repairs in a colour-coded map. RoadBotics is already delivering efficiencies to city managers and road owners, offering comprehensive infrastructure assessments at scale. Additionally, RoadBotics provides communities a mechanism to visualize, plan and communicate priorities to their constituents, bringing an unprecedented level of transparency to key infrastructure decisions.

RoadBotics is a perfect example of Artificial Intelligence fixing an enormous global problem. It reduces costs and improves lives.