Reinventing search by unlocking the vast opportunity of understanding unstructured data

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  • Radical Investment 2022


George Sivulka

Hebbia’s AI platform is capable of reading and comprehending the untouched universe of unstructured, private data. Its ‘neural search’ enables a user to ask questions using natural language, with Hebbia searching all available data to provide answers immediately and accurately. Hebbia outperforms the current state of the art in machine learning information retrieval by an average of 57%. Hebbia’s software can index any document type — scanned PDFs, spreadsheets, transcripts — transforming into an expert search engine for almost any form of language-based data. From broad market research to targeted information extraction, Hebbia automates diligence workflows, acting as an AI Analyst and instantly surfacing deal points even humans miss.

Hebbia is attacking the vast opportunity of unstructured data, where traditional search has failed and where the greatest economic value has yet to be realized.