Universal AI platform for robotics

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Pieter Abbeel

Peter Chen

Rocky Duan

Tianhao Zhang

From food distribution to healthcare to e-commerce, the global supply chain is facing unprecedented pressure to deliver orders quickly, reliably and efficiently, while keeping workers safe. Automation is the key to meeting those challenges.

While repetitive and predictable tasks like the movement of goods have successfully been automated, complex and unpredictable tasks that require hands, such as picking, placing and unloading, have not. Traditional automation can’t handle the constant change and infinite variability of these tasks. Automating them requires advanced AI that can understand, learn and adapt.

Founded in 2017, Covariant is building the Covariant Brain, universal AI that enables robots to see, reason and act autonomously in the real world. Covariant robots learn general abilities such as robust 3D perception, physical affordances of objects, few-shot learning and real-time motion planning which gives them the intelligence to learn how to manipulate new objects they’ve never seen before in environments where they’ve never operated.

With a world leading team of AI researchers and robotocists, Covariant has built a universal artificial intelligence platform that will reshape the future of robotics. We expect Covariant to create a global standard for the deployment and adoption of robotics across many facets of the economy.