Aspect Biosystems

A platform that prints human tissue to help heal injury and disease

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Tamer Mohammed

Sam Wadsworth

Simon Beyer

Aspect Biosystems is building a new class of regenerative medicine with a full-stack tissue therapeutic platform. Its transformative platform technology combines proprietary bioprinting technology, therapeutic cells, biomaterials, and computational design to build allogeneic tissue therapeutics.

Current tissues under development in Aspect’s bio engineering pipeline include personalized liver tissue as well as a pancreatic tissue for type 1 diabetes. Aspect’s proprietary bioprinting platform is behind over 20 collaboration projects with leading pharma, biotech and research centres around the world. In Spring 2023, Aspect announced a US$2.6 billion partnership with biopharma giant Novo Nordisk to develop bioprinted tissue therapeutics for diabetes and obesity. This was the largest deal in bioprinting history.