Ground-breaking NLP for customer support

  • Healthcare
  • Radical Investment 2022
  • Acquired 2024

In many sub-sectors of healthcare, front-line phone-based customer support teams are staffed by clinically or otherwise highly trained employees. The BirchAI team brings extraordinary technological depth and industry experience to support the summarization and categorization of customer calls, delivering cost savings and efficiencies. AI technology of this nature unlocks insights that will fuel strategic product and business decisions for its customers.

BirchAI’s world-class AI team is led by its co-founder and CTO Yinhan Liu. Prior to BirchAI Yinhan was a star researcher at Facebook AI Research (FAIR), where she was lead author on some of Facebook’s most important work in NLP, including the well-known RoBERTa and BART papers. Yinhan is responsible for building BirchAI’s NLP technology from the ground up, allowing for accurate language documentation and summarization at a greater scale.